Our Values

At SA Biz Plans, we uphold our integrity by living the company values of superior customer service, honesty, reliability, quality and passion in all that we do.

Our Vision

To remain the leading specialists in our area of operation within the industry.

Our Mission

To always be reliable in providing superior products and services, through a unique and compelling customer experience.

Our Position

For customers looking for superior products and services, SA Biz Plans is the right company for you; whereby quality, reliability and a compelling customer experience meet.

Dynamic And Driven

SA Biz Plans is a leading Business Plan consulting company based in South Africa with offices in Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban and soon to be in Zambia, Namibia and Botswana.

We specialise in the Business Planning, Financial Projection Modelling and Business Financing phases and that has focused on providing world-class custom Business Plans and Financial Projection models to start up, existing and non-profit organisations throughout South Africa since 2008.

We aim to deliver reliable, fully bankable, comprehensive business plans at affordable rates by offering a transparent, open-minded and hands-on approach to our highly motivated, passionate and dynamic team. SA Biz Plans firmly believe in delivering a watertight, well-prepared business plan including a substantial financial, administration and marketing which included the consideration of all possible elements that could affect the outcome of the business performance throughout its critical trading years. We have been in the industry for over ten years and have since successfully established over 4800 business plans and raised over R28 billion.

SA Biz Plans is dedicated to our clients and provide the best advice possible in terms of the needs, and suitability of each client. We also firmly believe in delivering the highest standards of work in all of our projects and continuously strive for perfection in what we do. Our statistics have proven that our clients always get more than what they pay for and have since given us a 98% client satisfaction rating. Our clients love what we do, just as much as we love what we do and as much as we love each of our clients. We are here to help you – we understand how hard it is for businesses to compete in today’s global marketplace and so we help you concentrate and focus on your products/services while we take care of your business planning & business funding needs.

Our Team

Led by a multi-talented team, SA Biz Plans adds a significant contribution to the success of many start-up and established brands and companies.

So what makes us industry leaders?


With years of experience, we have had ample time to learn our way around the industry, and have served some of the best businesses and brands in the market. We have established high calibre solutions, and we will always continue to do so.


We provide crafted value-added solutions that have you, the client, and your unique situation and requirements in mind. Our passion in our field, coupled with our people skills make us ready for anything. SA Biz Plans has you covered for all your needs.


At SA Biz Plans, customer service is always a top priority. We provide a transparent and enriched customer experience. Our reliability and consistency reassures our clients that we are serious about their business, and we always go the extra mile.